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Netscaler Content switching and websockets.

pieter watteeuw


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It depends on the type of protocol you choose for your Content Switch VServer. 

If you choose HTTP or SSL, then you can do content switching using those L7 policy expressions like "http.req.URL.contains("somevalue") to send traffic with "somevalue" in the URL to a specific Load Balanced VServer for HTTP or HTTPS requests.


However, once traffic starts to traverse the CS VServer using WebSockers, those L7 policies wont be evaluated. You can write TCP CS Policies, but they are a bit trickier. 

There are a few more options that you might need to discuss with support, or a partner, to achieve what you want using some other tools or features on the ADC.


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I know that you can set the "Enable Websocket connections"

But i also want only one IP address for all my websites.
I can do this with content switching but content switching does not support websockets.

Do i need to create a VIP with a IP address for every website that uses websockets?
So when i have 5 websites that use websockets i need 5 different IP's?


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