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Help. VM dont start after copy to deffrent disk

Rafal Kaska


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I hope you have a backup of your VMs ... it sounds like what it says, namely that there was a hardware failure. When you reboot your server, see if it comes up at all into single user mode and if so, if a storage repair option (fsck) shows up. If it does not boot at all, your system is likely corrupted and the storage will have to be replaced. If it's just the OS and you have metadata backed up onto external SRs, you can likely recover by rebuilding the OS and re-attaching the external storage. If your boot disk is RAID, you should still have been able to boot from the redundant component, but it appears as if you don't have that option.



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Sorry, I thought you meant your server won't start, not just the VM.


Have you tried a simple reboot of the server? Or starting the VM on a different server, if in a pool?

Or try to do a power reset on the VM:

xe vm-reset-powerstate uuid=<UUID of VM> force=true

and see if that helps.



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