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Accidental replace of XenCenter with Xencenter 8 that gives error cannot connect to older versions Xenserver

Felipe Johannesen



Hello. Im noob to Xenserver and Citrix, I need to get my hands on the msi installer of the XenCenter I upgraded to 8 and killed the working app. Have no C drive restore point.

Could anyone share that 4X mb with me. I cannot download it from Citrix. Or is my only chance to use third party manager GUI (would Orchestra XO be good alternative).



Old fired admin took everything as he left. Wiped his E drive erasing all purchase documentation and account credentials. I have no XenCenter installers, not any license purchase receipt or anything. I have limited credentials to access that legacy download at Citrix. Now Im blind with no GUI TT, I need it, I cant always work at server "butcher storage cold room".



Optional (loooong background story):

I have a Xenserver 6.5 (production) and new Xenserver 8 (for testing) . I thought I could have both servers on my desktop using same XenCenter GUI.


What I did was just install XenCenter 8 on my PC.

What happened is I lost GUI access to the Xenserver 6.5 (production)  Fatality!


I never imagined that even if I gave different install path to XenCenter 8 it totally replaced the old one.  It loads the server red icon on the upper left , but cannot work with it as it says server version is too old.

Then I downloaded an older free version (because I cannot access the 6.5 downloads) of the XenCenter 6.2 onto another colleague´s desktop. Fired it up to create roaming folder, close, than replaced the Citrix folder with mine, fire up and now I got the similar but opposite error message: server its to new....!!!!!


2019, IOT full connectivity. The possibility of such issues, with no installer warnings, never came into my mind....

Just discovered that the old one GUI was version as I googled and found info about user.config file to exist in




Looks like XenCenter only works with its same counterpart XenServer version, and that two XenCenter versions cannot coexist on same desktop.


Thought I just need an IP to connect to anything at LAN (validation later), like other web hypervisors, but this one GUI stores passwords and credentials and even desktop profile data to.


Plan B, nope, I cannot upgrade Xenserver 6.5 (production) to 8. (don't touch!!) Too many VMs,, no hdd space for any snapshots or backups. I will not tamper with it until I make a successful clone, exporting all vm´s to Xenserver 8 machine.


Ty for time to read and help me out! Best regards,

Phillip, opp4i7ov3r@yandex.com





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