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VM backup only C Drive

Niclas Boehm




I am looking for the command so that I can backup a VM on a Xenserver 7.6.

However, I just want to backup the "C" disk .. Since the D disk is very large and it would take forever .. More specifically, it is about a PVS server.

So I just do not need C and D. Only C. The whole thing should be done as XVA.

The command for the VM to export .. I do not find what I depend on the D disk and only exports the C disk.


The whole thing happens at night, automatically.


Any idear ?? 




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You could also clone the original VM, then detach the D: drive from it and export it and then delete that temporary VM.

No downtime would be necessary.


Or you could just run NAU VMbackup, which allows you to just back up the main OS drive: https://github.com/NAUbackup/VmBackup/ as an option instead of the whole VM. :10_wink:

There would be no downtime there, either. Its a free backup and restore utility.



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No, it's not necessary to turn the VM on - it works with it on or off.  You just take a snapshot of the VDI and export it, perhaps along with the VM's metadata. All the code to do this is in the backup script mentioned above.


There's no need IMO to actually detach the drive. The command line xe utility supports vdi-export that you supply with the UUID of the VDI (associated with your C: drive in this case) and an output file path/name.



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