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My company most of them use Secure Hub, Mail etc,,, on their personal phones. Looking at the Apps list, users have installed their personal apps that is relevant to them. They do not want those to be showing up and others having access to what apps they use like banking or dating websites etc... How can you restrict only Secure Hub, Mail and other relevant apps like Office or anything like that to be visible under the Apps option in Device Details on the management console.

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While I can understand their desire for privacy, that is part of the compromise of allowing users to use personal devices (BYOD) on a corporate network.  From a security perspective it would seem wise to reassure the end-users that no one cares (and really shouldn't be disclosing to anyone) what applications are installed on devices connected the corporate network, just so long as they don't pose a risk to the security of the network to which they are connected.


Otherwise, how would you ever know that a potentially malicious application is already or is allowed to be installed on a device that has access to your network and/or potentially sensitive information.


I realize this is more of an opinion than an answer, but I'm sure there is a good reason why that functionality is not native to the product.

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