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Webcam redirection from Wyse



I am working on setting up Webcams in the facility that uses Wyse 3020 ThinOS terms. Passing the webcam into a session using generic USB "works" but results in very low FPS (4 or less). When I tried passing the webcams as HDX device the browsers do not see the webcam at all. 


This was tested in both XD 7.15 and 1903 using Server 2016 OS. The Wyse terms are running latest ThinOS Lite 2.6. The Webcam is Dell monitor integrated USB cam.


The two different configs I tried in Wyse are:


SessionConfig=ALL VUSB_VIDEO=yes (for generic)


SessionConfig=ALL VUSB_VIDEO=no (for HDX)


The webcam resolution is configured on the Wyse to be 320x240.


This seems like Wyse specific issue as redirecting USB cam from a Windows machine on the same network is not an issue (HDX and Generic perform good)



Any ideas on what can be done with to either get the HDX camera to work, or to improve performance of generic USB cam?




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Found the answer. The reason that HDX redirection was "not working" is because I was testing it using the web broswer (as requested by customer). Apparently there is a limitation as to which versions of Citrix Receiver / VDA work with 64-bit versions of Google Chrome. In my case Wyse Receiver was clearly not up to that version. To address that issue I replaced the browser with 32-bit Chrome and HDX redirection started to work. 




However, Wyse 3020 does not appear to handle such workloads. Anything higher the 160 resolution pegged the device CPU and drove down FPS to single digits. 

On more powerful 3040's HDX redirection works fine up to 640x480 with 20 FPS. I was not able to get good results with direct USB redirection using any of the Wyse devices/logitech webcams that we had. 


So in summary to enable HDX redirection add the following to the ini file:





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