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Accelerated Office Activation in PVS 1906

Nick Panaccio


PVS 1906 has a new feature named Accelerated Office Activation. Are there any plans for the ELM console to automatically enable this option when publishing an image? I realize that it's a simple step once the image is in the PVS store, but it'd definitely be a welcome feature to App Layering. Would this new feature also mean that we could get away from configuring a 3-5 minute SettlementPeriodBeforeUse value for our Delivery Groups?


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I am not sure yet what that feature is ill have to check on it.  But in 1902 we changed the way office activation works in app layering and we now put the licensing dat files into the image when we publish it.  That means you no longer need the settlements period before use for office because the license is already in place when the machine begins to boot.  You could still get where the first user on has to activate the license if the activation script wasnt run yet but there would be no error.


In order to use the new feature you need to add a version to your os layer.  Run office once to update the license file in the new version, then run the prep command and rearm office.  Then you want to delete the old location (folder) of  the data backups at c:\windows\system32\spp\store\2.0\fromlayer.  Then publish with the new version.  Or you can just create a new office layer,

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Just so I'm clear about the layers, I'd need to add a new OS Layer version for the updated machine tools (did that a while ago; now on 1905), then add a new Office Layer version, run Office, run the Prep batch file, rearm Office, and finally delete the FromLayer folder? I definitely didn't delete the FromLayer folder, because I see it in my current image, though there are no files inside of it. I do see the tokens in C:\Program Files\Unidesk\winlicense.

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