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Temporary Virtual Machines are being created under the wrong Azure Resource Group

ed wiazewicz1709160321


When a new server image is imported from Azure to Citrix, it appears a temporary VM is created to prepare the image for deployment, This seems to be getting created in the Resource Group of the original "Base image VM", however as I have a "delete lock" on this resource group, the temporary VM is not being removed.

If the temporary VM was created using the same Resource Group the Remote Desktop VMs use then the temporary VM will be deleted without issue. 

Is this possiblle?

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Since MCS deployments in Azure don't use snapshots in the same way as they do on-prem, it's usually a good idea to copy your master image to a new version named disk which you then choose to deploy to your machine catalogs. This then gives you a more granular way to version control your deployments.


If you introduced a copy process as part of your deployment, there's no reason the target storage account of your copy couldn't be in a different resource group without a delete lock. If you then use this for your MCS deployments then the temp instance would be created in the same resource group as the disk avoiding the issue.


It would be fairly straightforward to script this process to minimise admin overhead.



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