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Netscaler Login Reporting

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I am looking for a solution to having reports generated of people logging in remotely through the Netscaler.  I am attempting to use Netscaler MAS but it will only allow me to the users that have logged in the last hour.  We currently have the Netscaler Gateway VPX 50 running 12.0.  I believe this is a licensing problem but cant seem to find a specific answer.  We were using a product called CPTrax which reports users logging in and their IP address from which they logged in but after upgrading the Netscaler it now only reports the IP of the citrix server they are on.  I know command center and insight used to do this but since this has been merged into a single product I am wondering if I would need to upgrade the Netscaler in order to get this to work.  We have also looked at the Syslog and are having them sent to MAS but cant seem to pull the correct information from it.  Also when trying to enable Analytics from the MAS to the Netscaler Gateway we get an error stating "profile does not exist".  Please let me know if MAS would be the route to go or other solutions.

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I send my syslog output to Solarwinds Kiwi Syslog Server ($300). I then send it to SQL, where I can store it for as long as I wish.

I can then do ad-hoc queries for logins (both successful and unsuccessful), as well as ICA launch information.

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