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NGEN Update - when will this be fixed?

Mike Kelly1709153237


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3 hours ago, Nick Panaccio said:

1905 was released today, but there's no mention of the ngen fix in it. I must have never noticed the issue myself since I run a modified version of JGSpiers' App Layering prep script, and never bothered to check the drive before the packaging machine shuts down.


I never had the issue in the OS layer or Platform Layer.  The issue for me would only occur in app layers and it would almost eat up the entire 10GB layer.  If you had a large install that was several GB, it might fail and fill up the entire layer and tell you it ran out of space.  Watch the disk space on your App Layer as JGSpiers script is running (assuming you are running the NGEN commands within it).  We noticed it inflates our layers significantly requiring us to need more space on the app layering appliance.

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