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Xenapp-install applications on published desktops

elios elios


hi all


im a citrix newbie so please help.


i have a citrix environment with 3 xenapp published desktops windows server 2012R2 each.


i would like to install applications on those so that citrix users can access them within their citrix desktop workspace.


is there any procedure to do that or i can just install the applications on the 3 servers for it to show on users applications within their profiles?


thank you


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There are a couple of approaches you might take.  Since you are publishing the Server Desktop to end users, simply install the applications on those servers and they will be available to the users just as if they were installed on any other Windows device.  Another option would be to install the applications on a different server(s) and publish them as applications that would be available to users on the Published Desktop.  The first approach makes the installed applications available to any user that has a session running on the server.  The second option would give you the ability to restrict application availability to specific groups of users, but of course requires additional servers.  In the first scenario, there are other ways to restrict application availability but with a bit more complexity.

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My published desktops don't have any licensing restrictions so installing everything works for us. To prevent desktop icon clutter I have icons deployed 

via group policy based on the users OU so everyone just sees what they need for their department.




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