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Zombie POODLE with Cipher Block Chaining

Moussa ML

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Hi all,

In SSL Lab, I have this message alert "This server is vulnerable to the Zombie POODLE vulnerability. Grade will be set to  F  from May 2019.  MORE INFO », taht is related to the Cipher Block Chaining as you can check in this article https://blog.qualys.com/technology/2019/04/22/zombie-poodle-and-goldendoodle-vulnerabilities, do you have an idea how can I deal with this vulnaribility to avoid class F?








Thanks in advance.

Best Regards,


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Hi Carl,


Thank you for your reply, Idid but we have alwas the same message "This server is vulnerable to the Zombie POODLE vulnerability. Grade will be set to F from May 2019.  MORE INFO »"




Best Regards,


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I have also the problem with F rating on ssllabs. I upgraded the customres NS to 13.0-41.28 and still getting Rating F.


I followed the article from Steven Wright how to get an A+ Score. Strange is, that I use the same settings on our Netscaler. Our Netscaler (also 13.0-41.28) has an A+ Rating and the customer has F.


I made a new Ciper Group without CBC Cipers but still F Score. Then I assigned again the Cipher Group from Steven Wright. The first check of ssllabs shows A+, when I repeat the check it goes back to F. Further ssllabs is showing CBC-Cipers, also if I assign a Ciper-Group without CBC Cipers to the vserver.


Has someone found a solution that works?

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