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Citrix ADM 13.0.36 Session Expired: Please logout and login again in Director 1903

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Hi I updated  ADM to and since then, I cant obtain Network stats in Director (1811 and 1903).  There is a red error popup Session Expired: Please logout and login again. (sceenshot attached)  I tried to reset the config and create a new user in ADM but the error still the same.  There is no session timeout. Looks like a bug. everything was working fine before to update to v13.   Is someone have the same issue ?

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I'm seeing the same in our environment.  /var/log/ns.log on the ADM appliance shows a failed login coming from Director

May 31 07:08:25 <local0.info> ns-mas mas_service: 05/31/2019:07:08:25 PDT : API CMD_EXECUTED : User nsroot - Remote_ip 172.666.666.666 - Command "login lo             gin tenant_name=Owner,password=***********,Secret=***********,challenge_response=***********,token=***********,client_port=-1,cert_verified=false,sessionid=*******             ****,session_timeout=86400,permission=superuser" - Status "Done"


I, too have tried resetting the config and creating a new user.  HDX Insight is visible if I log into ADM directly.  FWIW, we're running Director 1811.1.0.2009, upgraded to the same version of ADM. 


I've pulled a bundle, opened a case and and uploaded to CIS.


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I had the same issue going from ADM 12.1 to 13 with any of the builds.  I had reverted back to 12.1 where it seems to work just fine.  I gave it another shot today and had the same error as being reported here.  I ended up running C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Director\tools\DirectorConfig.exe /confignetscaler and did not specify my ADM ipaddress.  I guess this clears out the setting.  I clicked thru the rest then ran the command again and specified my ADM server this time.  I ran iisreset on my Director server and now I don't get the "Session Expired: Please logout and login again."  I hope this helps.


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