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Failed creating machine catalog using MCS utilizing Azure as a resource location!

Aseel Al Shehab


I have a POC with my customer and we are deploying Citrix Virtual apps and desktop service to publish windows apps and windows 10 VDI utilizing Azure as a resource location but its keep failing that there are no master images associated with the machine catalog while I checked many times of the VDA installed on the master image and the image is shutdown and I tried to remove it and create it again many times, its happening with the Desktop OS machine catalog and Server OS machine catalog, so what else I need to check or do, please help! URGENT please.

Screen Shot 2019-05-19 at 4.58.50 PM.png

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Couple of thing on disk images. Make sure that not only the VM is stopped but that it is also reallocated, even when stopped but does not say reallocated next to it may fail. 


The other her thing to check is that you have enough core quota for the instance size your are creating the catalog or adding machines. 

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