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Citrix Reciever app error: Your apps are not available at this time. Please try again in a few minutes or contact your help desk with this information: cannot contact store.

Vanessa Hicks


Hi, first please let me say that I am a healthcare professional, not IT... I have contacted my help desk and months have gone by without resolution so I am trying to fix this myself!


Using my dell laptop, I can access citrix receiver app perfectly fine as long as I am connected to my network internet... however if I use a mobile hotspot or even my home internet I get the above error message when trying to log in.

I am able to successfully login to citrix through our internal remote website with no issues.


I have compared internet settings with my office desktop and my laptop, they're the same, I have compared my citrix app settings with my office computer and laptop and they're also the same.


This worked totally fine until the end of January when all of a sudden I wasn't able to log in to the app anymore..


Please help, I have read the threads on this issue but I have no idea what most are talking about so please "dumb" it down for someone who has no IT experience.



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Does it work if you login through a web browser instead of Workspace app?


If only Workspace app fails, then I'm guessing your administrators did not set the Internal beacon correctly on their StoreFront servers. They would have to fix it. Not sure if you can hack your registry to work around the problem. You can see the Internal Beacon at HKCU\Software\Citrix\Receiver and somewhere under there is your Store and the Beacons. The Internal Beacon must not be reachable from the Internet. You could try changing it to a fake URL that is not reachable.

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