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Access Denied popup displayed and second RD Session launches when launching published apps in Remote Desktop

Matt Meserve


I have Citrix 7.18 with 2 VDAs (App Server and Remote Desktop Server).  I have a few published apps on the App Server that can be launch via the Storefront and from the Remote Desktop.  I have SSON and Domain Pass-Through enabled on the store.  The Receiver gets it's SF config from GPO and was installed with /IncludeSSON


When I run the Receiver Configuration Checker the only thing that fails is the SSON with the error "Checking server configuration. Enable domain passthrough authentication for the store".  The security zone checks for internet settings are fine.  It's just the Auth Methods for each SF server that are failing and I can't figure out why.


Having said all that, when I launch a published app in RD I get a login popup, as expected since SSON isn't working.  I login, click OK, then the app begins to launch.  As Citrix is pulling in the app an Access Denied popup appears then what looks to be a second RD session launches in the background.   The app does load ok.  And if you click OK on the Access Denied popup the second RD session closes and all is well.   On subsequent app lunches the apps launch normally from within the same session.  It's only the first published app launch after logging into the RD session that the Access Denied popup appears along with the other behavior described above.  After that everything seems fine.


I've scoured the configuration but I'm missing something.


Thanks for the help!


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