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XenServer patching with yum

Sergii Golovatenko



could you advice the process of patching XenServer, please? I cannot find clear statement about it in documentation.

Do you install only recommended software from portal https://support.citrix.com/search/#/All Products?ct=Security Bulletins,Software Updates&searchText=&sortBy=Created date&pageIndex=1 or do yum update as well? (By default repos are commented, so you should uncomment them to start using it)

Could this way pass to losing support?

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37 minutes ago, Alan Lantz said:

You don't yum update, you go by the recommended patch release. 






Alan, it's called "Recommended Hotfixes for XenServer", so in my view it's recommendations from vendor that fixes something or brings new functuanality. What's about linux components that has vulnarebilities? For example cURL - I didn't find fix for it on provided link, but if we enable repos it shows that newer version is available. I assume a lot of other default linux applications have newer versions. Should we keep them not updated and make XenServer affected, update it or raise it with Citrix to publish updates? In my view Citrix publish updates for Xen components or components that somehow relate to Xen, not to everyrhing.

If you can point me on article with recommendations/bestpractices from Citrix where they recommend install only their updates and don't enable repos or enable, but only for ... - will be grate.
I hope I explained problem that stand on my way.
Thank you in advance.

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