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[FAILED] Failed to start load Load Kernel Modules

Philippe Gauss




I just installed the new hypervisor XenServer 7.6 Free. The installation went without problems. Now I always get this error message when starting the hypervisor:

"[FAILED] Failed to start load Load Kernel Modules"


In forums I found different answers, but no solution yet, so I ask the question here in the forum:
- What do I have to do to solve the problem? Or can I simply ignore it (after me it needs here an action)?


The computer starts and you can access XenServer Management afterwards.


Many thanks for the answer.


Best regards

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The boot log is full of message failures. If it comes up and runs, that's the main thing. I see these load modules errors in our XS 7.6 servers and have not seen any negative impact. Some architectures probably require some specific modules that are not always compatible with every imaginable hardware configuration, is my guess, hence they are included in case they do happen to work, but are not essential.



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