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Need help regarding StoreFront Web API to fetch resources

Brijesh Shah

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Hi Team,


I have basic Asp.net MVC Web Application where We use the Citrix integration. We preety much follow the git sample to authenticate the user against citrix and fetch the resources and download the ICA file like.

To Authenticate: RestRequest("/PostCredentialsAuth/Login", Method.POST);To Get Resources: new RestRequest(@"Resources/List", Method.POST);




All functionalities are working as expected. However, we now want to include a feature where user can see their own running or disconnected sessions and can kill by themselves if require. For this, we found a powershell approach where we use Citrix Broker service and fetch the session something like


Invoke-Command -ScriptBlock {add-pssnapin Citrix.Broker.Admin.V2} -Session $objRemoteSession
Import-PSSession -Session $objRemoteSession -Module Citrix.Broker.Admin.V2 -Prefix RM 


But this require domain privilege to execute the powershell and we like to avoid this path as far as possible. we like to utilize the same approach as we have utilize for authenticate and fetching the citrix resources. (I think that is Citrix StoreFront Web API Basic authentication approach if I am not wrong)


Can anyone suggest How can we provide these feature through the same REST api approach?

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