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running citrix on 20 megapixels

Randy Robbins


i have a number of workstations that run between 10 and 20 megapixles of resolution usually on 4 monitors. i don't use citrix myself on these workstations but the company would like to access numerous hospitals citrix environment on them. but those are deigned for 1-2 monitors with maybe up to 4 megapixels of resolution.


i would like to force the citrix clients to run in a window that is appropriate for their virtual environment. if possible or something similar


all computers are not on the domain since the product we use is web based.

all citrix clients are also web based

i can install anything i want since i am the admin.

all computers run between 10 and 20 megapixels and have 8 gig AMD 7100 video cards




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To be a bit clearer, you  have a single workstation with up to four physical displays and you want to open multiple sessions from this workstation and display them on specific areas of  the monitors? Some sort of a monitoring setup maybe?


What version(s) of XenApp is being used?  Are you attempting to launch each session and have it always open to the correct size and position on the screens, or are you ok with the workstation's users being able or required to resize and position the session window?

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just one or two sessions at a time from several different hospitals that run their Electronic Medical Record system remotely via citrix.


Their environments run citrix that will work with two 2 megapixlels monitors but anything higher then that and they don't want to work properly anymore.

not sure of the version of XenApp but I can find out.


running each session in a dedicated window that will work on our 10 or 20 megapixel workstations is all I am looking for. I not need or expect citrix to work using the full workstation monitor resolution.


moving each session around or locking it down is also okay.

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you can give it a try to configure the DPI scaling using the graphical user interface in Citrix Receiver.

1.       Right-click on Citrix Receiver for Windows from the notification area.

2.       Select Advanced Preferences and click DPI settings. The DPI settings dialog appears.

3.       Change the settings as required, By default on below screenshot it choose No, use the native resolution.



4.       So choose to Let the operating system scale the resolution and click Save.

5.       Restart the Citrix Receiver to take effect changes on Windows session.




System Admin - Apps4Rent


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