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Logging into XenApp 6.5 from Win 10 client using Citrix Receiver 4.10/4.11 - Mouse not functioning correctly in published application when using multiple monitors with different resolutions

Phil Done




I'm experiencing issues on a customer estate whereby users are unable to use published apps within a Citrix session when the scenario is thus:


Win 10_1709

Citrix Receiver 4.10/4.11 (partial functionality with 4.8)

Citrix XenApp 6.5 

Multiple displays configured in 'extended' mode


Displays are configured with different resolutions, one of the displays has a resolution greater than 1600 x 900.  When launching a Citrix session using this configuration the mouse cursor either will not enter the Citrix 'window' (it acts like a magnet is pulling the cursor away from the window) or it enters but the cursor's mouse does not match where the cursor is sitting.


Note: a singular display works fine no matter what the resolution (e.g. the ridiculous SPro6 displays at 2736 x 1824), but as soon as there are different resolutions it all falls over.


I have configured the Receiver properties to scale the session (both 'Yes' and 'No, use the native') but no changes occurred.





I also changed the properties of the wfica32.exe file to override the default scaling behavior to no avail. 


Has anyone else experienced this issue or have any advice?


Many thanks

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