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Trying to migrate dedicated full clone desktops to a new cluster but delivery group cannot combine manual and MCS based static desktops

Terry Rebstein


I'm migrating a number of existing MCS full clone dedicated desktops (which should make them more portable.) between VMware clusters.  I've created a new manual based catalog and can migrate the dedicated desktops to that and it works well. However I cannot add the new manual based catalog VMs to the existing delivery group containing the previous or new MCS static based catalog (incompatible type). This is not ideal as they both are static assigned desktops and should not affect the delivery group. So I can create a new delivery group for migrated machines but then I have users who would see two desktops available to them as the current AD group system is nested and not a good fit for just manually moving users around between multiple groups for the same type of resource.


Is there any way to override the behavior such that a single delivery group can contain MCS static and Manual static dedicated desktops? This would be the expected solution as it allows for simple new user desktop assignment as well as accounting for the migrated desktops.


Is there a better way to move a fleet of MCS full clone static desktops between clusters?




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