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start url regex help

Yunus Emre Bektas


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So the question is are the path elements aaaa / cccc fixed values or are they also variables. Or is it just their values reqid=<value> and personid=<value>

A few more details would help narrow down what expression will work for you.


But I'll assume, in the first optino that <name>_reqid, <name>_personid, and <name>_companyid are fixed and only their values change.  Option 2 I'll get a little more exotic.


Option 1:

Including option https just in case...


If there are additional parameters, you may need to leave the $ off or include /$ depending on how the URL terminates.


Option 2:

if all the <name> fields are dynamic, then a few more pieces of info would help about sample strings, but something like this may work.

I'll run it through a regex editor later and make any corrections.

This may be overly broad in a few cases



Depends on what else needs to apper in URL whether the $ or /$ should be included.

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The url would be as the below. Only respid, personId etc.. values are dynamic, other section of the url will not change.  I tested opiton 1 according to my url but it did not work.



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Are you getting blocked by StartURL or Form Field Consistency as you may also need to include these fields as exemptions for Form Field Consistency as well.


Is this still an accurate sample of the URL path using display.domspg. Is it missing a call to a specific path/script name and is there a "?" missing from the string you provided.    If so, this won't work as written.

1. What regex are you trying as their may be errors in it.  As the one I gave you previously, won't work for this new pattern.

2. Is this the only URL call with these parameters or do other page calls invoke them as well. Syslog can help you see if there are multiple calls.

3.  Learning can help you consolidate the rules if something more generic is needed.


Relative Path:  (Assumes you are not using URLClosure)



This one expects only specific number of digits for RegpId, personId, pcompanyId, puserId.  If these can vary, additional adjustments may be required.

parameter names are case sensitive, so "I" in id is capitalized.

If other pages/scripts invoke a call to these parameters, adjustments to url are needed.

If other parameters can appear in this, adjustments to URL are needed.


Learning may help for better management of the Start URL and Form Field Consistency exceptions required.


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