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Delete Machine Catalog via Powershell

Christopher Schatz


I am writing a script to delete machine Catalogs and delivery groups.

Whenever I send the command Remove-ProvScheme -ProvisioningSchemeName XXX I get an error saying "Unable to remove the provisioning scheme due to associated virtual machines remaining."


Everything else is deleted with the other remove commands. The machine catalog is not visable in the GUI any more.

What command am I missing to delete the associated virtual machines?





When i run the command "Get-ProvVM -ProvisioningSchemeUid XXX |Remove-ProvVM" I get a few outputs. The Taskstate is "FinishedWithErrors". Maybe this is the reason?

Where can I see what kind of error is this?


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Yes, and I provided an example of my notes.







Unlock-AcctADAccount -ADAccountSid S-1-5-21-4246103433-227228850-1655860863-20840

Get-AcctADAccount -ADAccountSid "S-1-5-21-317694002-3844878815-1658337075-16607" -IdentityPoolName "ITTEST" | Remove-AcctADAccount -force

Get-AcctIdentityPool -IdentityPoolName "ittest" |Remove-AcctIdentityPool

Get-ProvScheme -ProvisioningSchemeName "ITTEST"|Remove-ProvScheme -ForgetVM


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Get-AcctIdentityPool is there.

Get-AcctADAccountis not there.



Is there a certain order i need to run the remove commands?

I run the "Remove-ProvScheme" and the "Remove-ProvVM" command after I run:





Remove-AcctIdentityPool (which did not work, as it seems)


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so as i understand there should be no need to use "Remove-ProvVM", when I used this order and everything works fine, right?



Is there a solution how to delete the ProvVms and the ProvScheme?

I created the Machine Catalog again with the same name. But I only see 1 VM.

When I do a Get-ProvVM -ProvisioningSchemeName XXX i see like 10 VMs.

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