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Correctly deploy citrixreceiver.cr file to add external beacons at client site

Colin Sanders


Client has Windows 10 desktop SOE which has Receiver v4.9.5000.7 deployed at build by CM Task Sequence which specifies

CitrixReceiver.exe /ALLOWADDSTORE=N /silent /includeSSON ADDLOCAL="ReceiverInside,ICA_Client,SSON,USB,DesktopViewer,Flash,Vd3d" SERVER_LOCATION="https://mystore.{company}.com"
We are now deploying a companion Windows 10 (1809) Laptop SOE using that same receiver deployment.
We intend to use beacons to determine if the laptops are on the internal or external network and have them attempt to connect ether directly or via the 2FA external interface.

We have configured the internal beacon to use the domain validaion and two special external facing urls as https://beacon1.{company}.com and https://beacon2.{company}.com.

We have created the provisioning file with the new beacon addresses.


We now need to understand the easiest/most reliable way to include that  receiver configuration as part of the  Laptop SOE builds as they are built and deployed.

a) Can/how do we apply that config to the receiver at build, for all future users of the laptops. (Receiver Commandline parameters perhaps?)

b) Alternately, do we need to apply the settings as part of the COMPUTER Policy during build, or is that USER based?

c) Do we need to somehow script the install of the .cr file during the build and if so is there a way to do this silently?

Having read https://discussions.citrix.com/topic/349835-receiver-store-config-for-imaging/ we are unclear as to what is actually feasible as part of the CM Deploy Task Sequence.


Hopefully I've provided sufficient detail for a clear explanation of the process we should follow.

This would be greatly appreaciated.


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