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Output connected sessions from Virtual Desktops in Citrix cloud to monitoring solution

Danny Marr


We used to interrogate SQL to monitor the amount of connected sessions and available desktops in our VDI environment when we used on-prem Xendesktop.  Now we have migrated to Citrix Cloud, this is not available to us.  

Is there an easy way to output such data to a monitoring solution?  We use Solarwinds Orion.

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You can login to Citrix Cloud dashboard, go to Identity and Access Management -> API Access. Create a client for the machine making the remote calls. Download the csv file that contains the API key and secret and save to secure location on the remote machine.


You can then call the following PoSh SDK cmdlet with sample data: Set-XDCredentials -CustomerId "<yourcustomerID" -SecureClientFile '<PATH to secure client creds csv>' -ProfileType CloudApi -StoreAs default


From then on the session can make the remote calls to remote SDK, hopefully this helps.

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Hi dmarr631, what kind of information is needed for the solution? Wondering if you could use Virtual Apps and Desktops Remote PowerShell SDK provider to run Get-BrokerSession and Get-BrokerMachine and filter / select the information needed and passed to Solarwinds. This in turn is querying information on the broker as needed. Please let me know if this would be feasible as a remote replacement to querying the database directly.

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Hi Victor,  thanks very much for your response.  The information we are after is available via the Powershell SDK so this would be a feasible solution.  I can get Solarwinds to run a powershell script but any ideas how I get it to authenticate with cloud credentials?

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