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Citrix workspace login issues on windows 10

Nomi Ahmed


I have a windows 10 dell machine and a mac mini.  Recently I installed the latest version of Citrix workspace to remote into my virtual work environment.  After entering my id, password and RSA token id, I routinely am prompted to reenter my credentials.  I can repeat the process 20 times and might get a success rate of 1 during that process.  I am definitely entering my credentials correctly as I do not receive a message stating my credentials are incorrect. Seems like its not even trying to make a connection.  


To rule out the problem with my credentials or connection, here's what I've done:


- On my Mac mini, I have same setup and experience no issues at all.  

- I have tried to uninstall/reinstall citrix workspace and even wiped my windows machine to no avail.  

- I used the web version (citrix light) on windows 10 and also do not experience any issues


So the problem is definitely with citrix workspace and windows 10.  


Has anyone seen this and any suggestions?


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