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XA 1811, Server 2012R2. PVS 1811 - disconnects

Frank Schifferstein


Any hint on this: did an in-place upgrade towards 1811 (all "green", no errors). Clients connect and after a while (different duration), clients disconnect from the session returning to the storefont login (IGEL thin clients are used, latest firmware 10.x).. in the event logs there is no reason mentioned. 

Has anyone seen this ?

Any suggestion/assumption/hints  ?


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We are seeing the same issue. Our enviroment:

Server 2016

VDA 1811

PVS 1811

Igel ThinClients


We can see this issue only when connecting from Igel ThinClients, if we connect through Windows Clients we cannot reproduce this issue. The only thing we can see in windows event log is the following:

The Citrix ICA Transport Driver connection from IP:PORT has been suspended.


This events (Event ID 1004-1007) are always generated when the user is disconnected. 

I searched for this issue and it may seem to be related to session reliability or some NIC configuration, funny thing is that nothing was changed in this direction from our side, we only updated VDA and PVS Target to 1811. We also first uninstalled VDA 7.15.1000 and then rebooted, installed VDA 1811 and sealed the image. We also tried to update our Igel Clients to 10.05.500 with latest Receiver available for IgelOS, but no changes.


Another side effect is that the graphic experience (we have setup policy "use video codec for entire screen" aka H.264 encoding) goes down with VDA 1811 and everything is blurry - with VDA 7.15.1000 there was everything fine and also from the same thinclient no disconnects or blurry graphic.


We would also be happy for every hint/suggestion where to search for the problem.

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well, there are just some minor differences regarding from what OS (2012R2)  and VDA (7.8) version we were upgrading. Removed the VDA too. Since I did a complete rollback (client was too annoyed with that), the issue is gone, so nothing to show to Citrix support (did check prior the upgrade, no known errors except the "known issues"), won't do setups including 1811  until clarifying.
Would put the PVS out of scope, VMs are booting fine.

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7 hours ago, Sandro Haidenschuster said:

Yes I do think it's related to VDA 1811. We did a rollback aswell to 7.15.3000 and everything looks fine now. But on a long term it should work with the current release aswell. No one else seeing the same issues?



we are experiencing the exact same issue. Upgraded everything (VDA, PVS, DDCs and so on) from 1808 to 1811 and now users are getting disconnected randomly. For example, user starts session, leaves workplace, comes back put in password -> receiver closes. Reconnects and gets stuck on the "welcome screen" for at least 4-5 minutes until one is back in the session left earlier. Haven't found anything in the logs. 

Mostly users which are affected by this are working with ThinClients. 


CTX Environment: all Windows 2012R2 Servers with MS December Patches

VDI: Windows 2012R2 RDS also fully patched

ThinClients: Fujitsu Futro (different models) with RP5 or RP6 (elux images) and Receiver


Opened a case with Citrix today and currently awaiting a call-back. 


sidenote: another customer is experiencing the exact same issue - clean install of 1811 with PVS but with Wyse ThinClients. 


Hopefully Citrix will find something ... fingers crossed

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13 hours ago, Frank Schifferstein said:

any outcome til now ? 




not yet ... they are still investigating the issue ... although, I did receive an email today stating "[...]move this case to the concern teams to troubleshoot further[...]" 

So nothing new from this side ... My customer told me that they are experiencing the disconnects not only on the ThinClients but also on Tablets/mobile devices. 

Anyone who experienced the same behavior?


Thanks and a great weekend.

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Thanks for the update Johnny - I have a project running 1811 where  users only use Windows laptops - no complaints about disconnects, users are connected the whole day I am 100% sure that this happens ONLY with ThinClients (IGEL UD series) as we observed this already.

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HI Johnny


well,  the IGEL (Linux only) Thin Clients are shipped with a complete firmware version on a ISO basis. The receiver is included in that ISO (13.x for Linux) and we do upgrades using that  ISO in complete only. Well, workspace has a complete different versioning., so a project using windows clients /various receiver versions, most likely no workspace)   don't see any disconnects so far. 

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I am using XenApp 7.18 with 1906 VDA installed.


Publishing Server 2012R2 Desktops


When users connect using IGEL UD3-LX-51ac units, they experience disconnections,


This does not happen with older IGEL units and Windows clients.


Was the solution to upgrade to 11.x firmware to get the later Workspace App Client 1903?

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