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Can XenApp 5.0 be installed on anything beyond server 2008 (i.e. Server 2012 or 2016)?

Dave Schertz


We have a two server farm in house and use it with several hundred thin clients.  For the most part, we publish proprietary software and basic browsers (firefox, chrome) in our application environment.  We are looking at a project that will require more up-to-date versions of those browsers.  Can Xenapp 5.0 be installed on Server 2016 Standard, and can I add it to the farm?  We don't have a support contract, so customer service won't even talk to me.


Additionally, if Xenapp 5 cannot be installed in a newer system, will the licenses that we have purchased be able to be translated into a newer system so that we don't have to spend a ton of money upgrading the entire lot?



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XenApp 6.0 cannot be installed on Windows 2016 (it crashes windows). So I assuming 5.0 also cannot be installed on windows 2016. I am not sure about installation on 2012. AS you said that you do not want to spend a ton of money purchasing new licenses, there are two option I can suggest.


Contact a hosting company that can offer a one-time-fee based server environment with XenApp 5.0 and you can do al you testing there.

Or, move to cloud, either in hosted mode, or your own Citrix servers (dedicated) on cloud.


I am already using Citrix VDI from a provider called Apps4rent and had also requested for a lab setup for some of our custom apps and they did provided all I needed.




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