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Published apps show up under Apps in Storefront web access but not in Remote Desktop

Matt Meserve


I have 2 delivery groups (Remote Desktop Server and Application Server).  I have restricted access to both delivery groups to myself.  When I login to the Storefront through the web I can see and launch the published apps under the Apps tab.  I can also see and launch the Remote Desktop under the Desktops app.  However, I cannot see any of my published apps from the Remote Desktop.  I know I'm missing something but not sure what.


Citrix 7.16 in Server 2016 Environment

Citrix Workspace  18.12 installed on Remote Desktop server. 




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Hi James.  Sorry for the super late response.  Got side tracked on another project for a bit.  I'll look over your link.  On a side not (I created a separate post for this) I also found that I cannot launch the Start menu.  Not sure if that's related but I obviously have some issues going on.  Not sure yet if they are GPO/Profile related or just what yet.

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