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Login to Netscaler Gateways via Email AND domain username?

Rowen Gunn

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I've just setup Netscaler MAS and while reviewing sign in errors I noticed about half of them are users trying to log into our SSLVPN or ICA gateway with their company email address not their username. We use LDAP with the domain preconfigured for the user to sign in so they just need to put in their username and password, email doesn't work.


Is there a way I can configure authentication to work with both the user's username only and if they input their full company email address?



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I know this post is a bit dated but seems to directly apply to our environments.

We have about 3 different environments and they all ask for something different (domain\username, username, email, etc.).

However, currently our secondary is 2FA.


With that said should I just set the 2 LDAP policies up in my primary authentication using different priorities since secondary is setup as RADIUS?

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