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Cannot uninstall "Citrix online plug-in - web"

Álvaro Glez.


I use Windows 10 and I have an item called "Citrix online plug-in - web" in my control panel, which I possibly installed upon request from a client. I want to uninstall it since I no longer need it but the wizard always errors.


I found this forum googling for some of the error messages in the log file but none of the solutions I've found seem to apply to me: I don't have the registry keys they mention, disabling the antivirus doesn't change anything... I also reinstalled the software with a packaged I got at https://www.citrix.es/downloads/citrix-receiver/legacy-receiver-for-windows/online-plug-in-123.html but it didn't make any change.


I've attached the log file. I'd appreciate any hint.


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I have the same problem as Alvaro, I am not able to delete Citrix online plug-in web. I tried the Receiver Clean-Up Utility, but this unfortunately does not fix the problem. I also manually removed client files as described here https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX325140, but it does not solve the issue. 

I added my log-file, I hope you can help me!



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