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Scripting Template/image Creation

Phil Taylor1709159934


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Do you mean bypassing creating an image template or just kicking off a publish operation for an image template? 


There is no Citrix based scripting yet in the product. 


I know that someone created powershell scripts to mimic the calls we do in the console but i was not able to find them in google.  I wouldn't try if you mean scripting the whole process of defining a template and publishing but if you just mean publishing and you can find the powershell cmdlets that I couldn't find that might work for you.  Just remember it wouldn't be supported by the support team.

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thanks, that a shame and a bit of a weakness in the product, is this going to be added? We are looking to make a "self service" feel to our large environment, so service desk staff don't have to touch/break the infrastructure. I appreciate we could lock down ELM permissions for these users, but we can script the the rest of the process with a GUI front end, i'd be reluctant to add a manual element to this process! Does anyone know a better product?,as perhaps App Layering is not suitable for this part of the solution.

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We have a long-term plan for a scriptable API, but that's definitely a long way off. 


That said, how are you imagining the workflow?  Publishing a new image is something I imagine would always be a function of the back-end people, not help-desk.  You're talking about building a new image (presumably from new layers or versions of layers), which would then need to be put into your provisioning system to build new machines (or reassign existing machines to use the new image).  That's a pretty intrusive thing, so if you're expecting people to be able to publish, these same people would have to be able to recompose your pools.


Normally, I think of publishing as producing a base, generic machine.  All the customization would come in the form elastic layer assignments.  While we have the same lack of support for assigning elastic layers outside of the ELM console, it's a different concept.  Unlike publishing, which requires a task to be started, assignments are more of a straight database operation.

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sorry it’s taken a while to reply! I appreciate that normally image publishing would be the task of back-end people, with the introduction of app layering we can obviously build the layer once, then use multiple times. If this could be scripted with a GUI over the top, service desk staff can build these images without ever having to touch the layer and the appliance itself, so moving this from an expensive back end person, this would allow us to better use our people.  This would also be hugely applicably for a CSP\DAAS provider as a bespoke image can be automatically built and deployed, without and staff intervention. In principle Elastic layers could largely achieve this, however with this not being supported by all apps it still does not fully cover the above requirements. It would also be great if User layers were an option, does anyone have any idea when these are planned to be a production feature? We are desperate not to use PvD but at the minute are in a bit of a hole as nothing is replacing it.






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