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Azure Regional DR Scenario with XDE

Andrew Bacon


Hi All,


Looking for some architectural advice and best practice in designing an appropriate XDE DR solution in Azure.


Currently we have XDE deployed into a primary Azure region supporting up to 25 users.


We want to have a DR capability in the case that the primary region becomes unavailable and XDE instances need to be brought up in a secondary region.


Is there a reference architecture, best practice or general approach in configuring XDE to failover from one region to another in this scenario?


My current thinking is that XDE would also need to be deployed in UK South, but this would require additional licenses for the failover region, even though it would only be used during the rare event of a regional outage.


Thanks in advance,


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I know this is an old post, but I too would like to know the procedure.  We do have Microsoft built in regional disaster recovery that would deal with this if a catastrophic failure occurred, but some customers would like to manually initiate the failover.  I just got off a call with Citrix support, and all they say is we need to create a new resource location and create cloud connectors in the other Azure region.  Other questions would be how do we transfer our master image which is currently in our primary Azure region.


I going to work through this once we get our networking setup on the secondary Azure region, and will post back my results.                   

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