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Mark Stevens


*First post so I apologise for any protocols I may have missed*


A client we support have recently implemented Papercut as a printing solution. (We did not implement this and my knowledge of the infrastructure of Papercut is next to nil) This is installed on a Windows Print Server with the Citrix Universal Print Server installed. 


Inside of Citrix all users are unable to print more than 1 copy of a document even if they select multiple copies; this is within any application they try to print from. Outside of Citrix they can print as many copies as they like.


There is a Citrix policy in place as per the below:


Universal Print Driver Usage - Use printer model specific drivers only if universal printing is unavailable

Universal Print Server Enable - Enabled with no fallback to Windows' native remote printing


My initial thought was that the driver issue was being caused by using the universal print driver, so I have copied the policy and changed the above so it will use the manufacturers driver by default and Enabled fallback to Windows' native remote printing if the CPS is unavailable.


However, after confirming with the (test) user that the printer is now using the manufacturers print driver instead of the Citrix universal print driver they are now getting a driver error when trying to print. They are still able to print as many copies outside of Citrix as they please.


Has anyone had any experience with what may cause this? Any experience with using Papercut in a Citrix environment? (Papercut support have taken a look and as this is an issue within Citrix kindly stopped trying to assist)


Any help would be much appreciated.


Many thanks,



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Hi Mark,


We use both Citrix and PaperCut in our organization.  We only allow our users to print to their local default shared Windows queue within the published Citrix apps.  Also, the printer driver used on the print server must exactly match with the printer driver installed on each Citrix application server.  The drivers on our print servers must be installed on each and every application server images that is used to maintain the running servers.  I run our four print servers and work with our Citrix guy to ensure the drivers are always matching.


The new version (7.15) of Citrix that we recently upgraded to now includes a superior version of the Citrix UNIVERSAL Printer that previews each print job within a locally-installed EMF Viewer (part of Citrix Receiver/Workspace).  Due to a bug in our Markbook app that prevents the shared Windows queues from being set to single-sided printing, we run a PowerShell script at app startup time that forces the Citrix UNIVERSAL Printer to be the default printer.  As an added bonus, the fine details in the graphs look better when printed with the Citrix UNIVERSAL Printer than if they are printed with the default local shared Windows queue.


We do not use the Citrix Universal Print Server.  We load each printer driver, that is used on our print servers, onto each Citrix application server.  Again, they have to match exactly or you will see printer driver errors.


Although, we could restrict print jobs to only one copy each using PaperCut printer policies, we do not do any of that.


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