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We use Storefront 2.6 (soon to be upgraded as part of another project) and Citrix Receiver 4.9

I can manually add the URL for one of our pre-production stores which works and also connects to the web store through IE

Attempting to connect to the same production store in Citrix Receiver displays the error ‘Your apps are not available at this time. Please try again in a few minutes or contact your help desk with this information: Cannot contact Storename’


Browsing to https://name.domain.com/Citrix/StorenameWeb/ results in the error ‘Cannot complete your request’


We do not use GPO to configure Receiver.  In registry the following folder is created \HKEY_USERS\Software\Citrix\Dazzle\Sites\storename-storeID

However the keys are only half created, like there is a communication or network issue stopping the full creation of the registry.  If that was the case though, the other stores on the same Storefront server would not connect I would expect


I am going to try a Wireshark trace from my machine to our pre-production environment tomorrow then the same trace to the production store


Anyone have any idea why it cannot create registry keys correctly but only for a specific Storefront store?

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That's a weird one. If recreating store fixed the issue then problem should be with SF, that being said we did not see request being sent to SF from receiver machine!  
- Did you try this from more than one machine?
- Also, are you sure the problem store had no configuration difference when compared to working store?


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