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this app has been disabled due to entitlement to this app

ihab jumah


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This either means your user does not have rights to the Secure Mail app, which is set via Delivery Groups in XenMobile, or there could be a Secure Mail version mismatch between what you have installed and what XenMobile is requiring. I would first delete and reinstall the app as the popup in your screenshot recommends. If it still doesn't work then you need to check that your user is part of whichever local or Active Directory group is assigned the Secure Mail app (Config > Delivery Groups > open group > Apps).

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Same problem here, started yesterday there was a new securehub app:


19 apr 2018
Citrix Secure Hub
version: 10.8.15


The MDX version yesterday was:  Android_10.8.10_PlayStoreMDX_V2.zip

I see a new version today: Android_10.8.15_PlayStoreMDX_V1


In xenmobile, there is "Delivery Groups"  pending..



and still, same problems...  (my devices worked till I installed this update!)


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6 hours ago, François Rabinowicz said:

Same probelm here


Don't screwup your xenmobile server trying to fix this problem, it is really a client issue. There is a beta release that works partical, after upgrading the beta from secure hub you need to remove web/mail from the device and reinstall it again to get it working again. They are now trying to find a sollution for that problem.



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On 4/1/2018 at 4:31 PM, ihab jumah said:

Hi All , 


Actually i got this message when i tried to open Secure Mail in My Android device 


Any one can help why this happen and what is the solution 







Got this error on some in house developed app, signed with latest mdx toolkit. All was fine until Secure Hub 19.7.5. Anyone getting this?

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