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AppConfig for Receiver

Michael VanVliet


Is it or would it be possible for Citrix's MDM XenMobile (understanding this isn't the correct forum for this side) and Citrix's App Receiver to become part of the AppConfig Community? This works on both iOS and Android.




This would allow for apps to have to have data pre-populated in it so an enrollment tech or whomever is enrolling devices not to have to config all aspects of the apps that are used.




This would be a huge help to me as a XenMobile Administrator and a huge help to the folks doing the enrollments.


Curious if other admins are interested in this, or if I am insane. But I know a buddy of mine uses another MDM that utilizes AppConfig and the ability for him to streamline the same installs I am configuring has me well, jealous. 




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