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Citrix App Layering 2.x: Appliance Backup Utility 3.05

Rob Zylowski1709158051


In Unidesk version 2, backup of the Master CachePoint (MCP) is problematic using standard backup applications because the layers created by the MCP are non-persistent, independent disks that are not associated with a virtual machine. Almost all backup applications only back up disks associated with a virtual machine.


The Unidesk Version 2 MCP Backup Utility provides a mechanism to back up the vmdk files created by the MCP to a backup VMware datastore. Additionally, we added the ability to back up the Master Cachepoint virtual machine and the Management Appliance virtual machine using the utility.


If you choose to back up the MCP virtual machine with the backup utility, it will be shut down prior to the backup and started up after the backup. This ensures that the appliance will be safely backed up. The Unidesk Layers are always backed up whether you choose to back up the appliances or not. For the MA you have a choice to shut down the MA prior to backup or create a snapshot for the backup. If you choose to not shutdown the appliance before backup, the backup will be a “Crash Consistent” backup which means that it is the same as if you powered off a server with the power button. This is because a snapshot is taken, then the VM’s files are copied directly from the source but the snapshot is not copied.


The utility can be downloaded here: https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX228686



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