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CTXOE Supplement for App Layering

Rob Zylowski1709158051


Some folks are starting to use the Citrix Optimizer to make optimization changes to their images for VDI and XenApp.  The Optimizer is still in beta but its a fabulous framework for optimizations.


6-5-2019 Note i wanted to update this post.  There has been alot of great work done on the Citrix optimizer and I have updated templates now based on the 2.5 version



The optimizer now supports using community based templates and I have posted new templates here:



You can read about that here:



Thanks to Martin Zugec and Ryan Butler for making this all work so easily.








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Sorry guys i'm doomed in this one.  They made a change the the utility between beta and production adding two sections to the required xml.


Edit the Citrix_AppLayering_Supplement.xml and add these two lines right under schemaversion


         <displayname>App Layering Supplement</displayname>
    <description>App Layering Supplement</description>



I will ask the team that does the ctx articles to update the download for me.


The UWP_XML Generator.ps1 file is not a template file its a powershell script that creates a template.  However the template it creates will have the same issue.  Iwill get that updated as well but if yo need it do the same fix as here.



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I love that the Optimizer tool is being expanded, and look forward to v2.6 (still in beta, I hear). I may actually sit down and convert my hefty VMware OS Optimization Tool script to Citrix Optimizer so that I can use one tool from here on out.


Better yet, Citrix could develop a tool to do that conversion for us, hint hint... ;)

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Honestly, I haven't even tried. And once I posted that, I realized that it made more sense for me to simply duplicate the few settings in yours, in my own custom template. For the most part, your template loaded fine in 2.6 when I went to modify it, except for the Hybernation configuration. The PS code was blank in the editor, so that may need to be resolved.

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