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WEM Transformer and StoreFront SSO

Julian Mooren1709156280


While setting up a PoC for WEM Transformer I realized the webbrowser session in "Kiosk Mode" is not able to perform a Domain-Pass-Through authentication to StoreFront.

You only can login with username and password.


StoreFront FQDN is assigned to the Intranet Zone.

SSO is working with Internet Explorer.


As soon I remove username and password authentication (only Domain-Pass-Through left) there are no login options available for the user.


I could use a local/service user for the AutoLogin on the client, but then when the user is locking his device everybody needs to enter the same password.

Not really secure ;)


Is anyone using WEM Transformer with SSO to StoreFront?



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Hello Julian,



WEM transformer can't use SSON from Receiver. As of now, WEM transformer is not able to access the token stored by Receiver.


We are working on this and it will be fixed in future updates.


So for now the only workaround is to use login feature, but users will need to enter credentials in the SF presented by transformer.


I hope this information is useful to you.



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