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UPS Load Balancing and printer assignments/proximity settings

Mark Rawls


I've setup 2 UPS servers, set GPO to use UPS, and load balance the 2 servers. However, our current printer configuration is a single UPS server and a GPO that assigns/creates printers based on the endpoints IP address. It works great, but I can not find nor figure out how to setup the GPO to do the same printer creation based on IP and take advantage of load balancing. We assign printers by putting in the IP address in the GPO and map the printers to it. The printers are mapped \\UPServer\Printer name. What do I use for UPServer name when I'm trying to load balance?


Thank you,


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Thank you for trying to help. I've seen that article, frankly there's not much out there on the subject. I've done the policies. I'm not sure what to put in the GPO printer assignments row. The row contaions the endpoint IP address and then you add the printer assignments.The printers are mapped \\UPServer\Printer name. So I have 2 print servers what do I replace the UPServer name, PS 1 or PS2. Today, Citrix support told me to put both print servers in the row. So now it looks like this:


IP address      \\PS1\HPLJ



I tried this and it completely locked up my VDI workstation when I brought down PS2. I logged back in and tried to print in Word. It said printer not available. So much for switching over to PS1.


The lack of information regarding this capability makes me believe it's more a fairy tale then reality.I wish someone could change my mind. I'm still working with support so I'll post anything useful I get out of it.




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Bumping this old post.


Having the exact same problem, all policies are configured to use UPS Load Balancing but now how do I configure a printer so that it's load balanced? 


I don't find any info online, none of the guides/tutorials/Citrix documentation describe how to add printers in a way so that they are load balanced.


First I thought if I configured the Citrix policy with server1.domain.com & server2.domain.com and create a session printer \\server1\printerA it would just reroute the printjob to \\server2\printerA if server1.domain.com is unavailable, which is not the case. It just puts the printobject offline.


I tried, as stated above to add 2 session printers for each printer like \\server1\printerA & \\server2\printerA, my session/VDA is not locked up as @Mark Rawls describs but that just creates 2 printobjects.


Am I missing the obvious?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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