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WFICALib Caching user sessions

Hector Grebbell


I am attempting to automate some internal processes. Part of which involves interfacing with a Citrix hosted application.

The following (C#) code when run the first time sucessfully reads the windows available from a session -


            var client = new WFICALib.ICAClient();

            client.OutputMode = WFICALib.OutputMode.OutputModeNormal;
            var enumHandle = client.EnumerateCCMSessions();
            sessionId = client.GetEnumNameByIndex(enumHandle, index);
            client.StartMonitoringCCMSession(sessionId, false);
            Server = client.GetSessionString(WFICALib.ICASessionString.SessionServer);
            var session = client.Session;
            var windows = session.TopLevelWindows;
            foreach (WFICALib.window window in windows)


However on future runs (even in a new process) the windows listed are always the same. The only way to get an updated list is to disconnect and reconnect the session. I imagine this list must be getting cached somewhere in the COM server.

Is there any way to repair this from the client code?

Thanks & regards,


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