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NS.CONF Language File for Notepad++ [Download]

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I created a User Defined Language File for Notepad++ to bring the ns.conf into a colored and easy to read format :)


Feel free to share and post it in your blogs.

I dont claim any copyright and everybody is free to use and modify it himself.


I tried to cover mostly all of the commands and parameters from the product documentation and checked it with some config´s from big deployments. Hope it covers most of your ns.config´s too.
Feel free to update and share if not :)




All you need to do is following to install the language file (once):

Open Notepad++

(From Menue Bar) -> Language -> Define your language.. -> Import -> Select the downloaded file

Close Notepad++ and re-open it.


Next time you open a netscaler config in notepad++:

(From Menue Bar) -> Language -> Citrix Netscaler (on the very bottom)

- has to be selected manually, no autodetection, stays selected in a tab until its closed -




Looks like this:






just that you dont get confused by the color concept:


All the -Parameters are normally light brown

Any -Parameter that refer to settings like Certificate bindings, IP Modes, SSL Settings, Priorities etc. are kept green

Some for me important like -rule or -action as well as ns_true and ns_false are kept in red


The rest should be self explaining :)




*UPDATED* v.1.3.2 :D Thanks to:
Johannes Norz for support



PS: Download Counter starts with every file update at 0 again.
Today we had all together roundabout 350 downloads :)


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Welcome :)


Johannes Norz, who is also Citrix Trainer for Networking as I am, was so nice and updated the file with some more other commands he found in his ns.conf like partition, stream and feo which I missed until now.


I used the chance to update at the same time the version above and add highlighting for "text" like "http.req.header.exists"



main post is updated and here - just for "version history" the file too, if you start reading here :D


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thanks :)

Huh that one was a hard nut to crack

Notepad++ didnt accept it when ((EOL)) - which is their way to check different end of line types - is placed at the end of the expressions.


Got it now




oops just saw that it then doesnt accept the second " for any reason even as it looks right in the source code of the file

very strange..


sorry seems the only solution would be that you temporary add a second " in your expression.

What would happen with the expression if you forget about the second "?
Think it wouldnt hurt the expression, would it?


btw offtopic:

would the appfw also catch &quot then, which is html for "?

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cool thanks for the hint.

I am teaching a Citrix Netscaler Class (CNS-220) this week and will compare the results on Friday and add some more as well as your mentioned -sslprofile´s


if you find more, anytime you can click Export and create a new Version and post it here as attachment, I´ll update the Main Thread then.


So come back on Friday evening or subscribe to the thread to stay tuned :)

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is your version of notepad++ up to date?

recently saw a students machine with an very outdated notepad++


it could load the file but didnt color up the content corresponding.

when he rebooted his notepad++ all fields were empty, when he checked the settings of the loaded file.

after upgrade everything was fine.

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Christian: I'm probably telling you how to **** eggs, but did he actually select the Netscaler language after loading it?


By the way, found a "bug" in the ver 1.3.2 netscaler language file: if I have "add service svc_red srv_red HTTP 80 ...." then the HTTP comes up in red, but if I have "add service svc_lamp1 srv_lamp1 MYSQL 3306..." then the "MYSQL" is NOT highlighted. Same in an "add lb vserver" command


Looks like MSSQL and MYSQL (and maybe some others) need an entry in the "Keywords 8" list

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