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Application installation order

Nishant Joshi


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Hello Alan


Thank you for your response, But my question is do i have to install XenApp 6.5 on Windows 2008r2 servers before i install my business apps.


The reason i am asking this question is , all Technology people say it is recommended to install XenApp 6.5 first on server before I  install my business apps (the one I want to publish).


But no one gives the reason why i have to install XenApp 6.5 before any other app ?


I know installing XenApp activates the terminal services, but how does that matter if it start before or after installing business apps ?

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Short answer yes, as this is the install order on eDOCS. XenApp ties so tightly into the OS its best to have XenApp installed first, then install the apps and then publish them. Some applications you could do pre-XenApp installation and they would work fine. But its best to have XenApp running and all hotfixes installed (MS and Citrix) before installing apps and publishing them or publishing desktops.



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