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ADBA support for license activation

Vincent Alberti1709156874


While looking into updating KMS for Windows 10, I read about the benefits of Active Directory Based Activation (ABDA). Despite the limitations of ABDA (i.e. works on newer OS versions, requires schema update of functional level at server 2012 or above), it appears to be the better option from Microsoft for license activation.


Since we are likely going with Server 2016 for XenDesktop 7.X in the future, does Citrix/PVS support ADBA for license activation?


Here are a few blogs on it which I wanted to pass along. Please, let me know your thoughts on future benefits for Citrix.






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I dont know about PVS, but I have recently deployed an MCS based solution recently using ADBA for Windows and Office 2016.


I excluded the OS and Office rearm steps by running Set-ProvServiceConfigurationData -Name ImageManagementPrep_Excluded_Steps -Value OfficeRearm,OsRearm.


Everything seems to be working correclty. The OS and Office get activated when the machines domain join.

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