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Resolution changes from 1920x1080 to 640x480 after remote PC with HTML5 Receiver

Samuel Witney


After using HTML5 Receiver we have intermittent issues of the desktop PC changing to 640x480 from 1920x1080. This happens with any of the HTML5 Receiver versions. We have to change the resolution back manually after this happens.


Has anyone seen this before, we have had a ticket open for this issue with HTML5 Receiver for one year! Citrix is blaming Intel display driver and we have dev team working on this saying it is Citrix VDA code that is causing the issue.


It only happens in Remote PC to our HP Intel 4th generation small form factor PC's. It does not happen in our VDI.


Citrix dev team claims they have not seen this before and have many Remote PC HTML5 deployments out their.


Anyone else struggling with this intermittent issue? 

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With HTML5 Receiver, the browser tab size is used as resolution.


With remote PC, since there would be actual graphics adapter, only few resolutions might have been supported rather any random tab size. So even with a bigger tab size, graphics driver on VDA might be using a compatible lower resolution.


If the client desktop resolution is 1920x1080, can you try using fullscreen toolbar button to see if it is able to use 1920x1080 reslolution correctly?

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The issue does not happen in the remote PC session. It happens after I disconnect from the remote PC session and log back into my Physical PC. The resolution gets set to something crazy like 640x480 when it should be set to 1920x1080. 


I have tested this on Windows 7 with VDA 7.6.300 and Windows 10 with VDA 7.11 and the same issue happens. This is done on a vanilla Win7 and win10 box, nothing else installed. 


Clearly this is the VDA agent not setting the correct resolution on both monitors after the disconnect from the Remote PC session. 


If you take a Windows 7 PC and install two monitors, one using VGA and one using Display port. You will have this issue after about 5-10 tries. Also the issue will happen on windows 10. 


Can you test in your lab and fix please?

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