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After update to XenMobile 10.4 no ShareFile configuration possible

Thomas Doering


Hi all,


after update form XenMobile-Server 10.3.6 to there is no connection to ShareFile. In the Admin Gui you can choose ShareFile and nothing happens, no error appears.


On the mobile devices the connect to ShareFile is possible.


Anybody else with this problem, any Solutions ?




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it will break for all installations that have sharefile configured before applying update 10.4. regardless of provisioning mode on or off. and you need to configure sharefile to allow FMD withing the MDX wrapped app. all subsequent misbehavior (browsing delivery groups, deploying [certain] apps or obtaining a new FMD token) falls into this malfuntioning scheme.

once you have a broken setup, do this:
navigate to SQL MgmtStudio and fire "select ID,Name from RESOURCES_BAG where resources_bag.type like 'APP_FMD'"
the result should be "ShareFile", note the ID
use a REST client to your https://xms:4443
add header "Content-Type" = "application/json"
POST /xenmobile/api/v1/authentication/login
use a body of { "login":"administrator", "password":"xyz" }
you should receive a 200 success with an auth_token, note the auth_token
use a REST client to your https://xms:4443
add header "Content-Type" = "application/json"
add header "auth_token" = "<the_one_obtained_earlier>"
DELETE /xenmobile/api/v1/application/<ID>
where <ID> is the one taken from the first SQL-query
reconfigure sharefile using the webUI. nightmare is over.
good luck!
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open words: postgres isn't allowed for production use and CLI on XMS console is not matured to have custom command or SQL queries, nor you know the internal user/pw scheme. so you cannot. postgres is a dead-end-road and never convertible to production mode later.


in case of postgres, it's by consequence an eval mode setup "only", and to my understanding no great deal to restart with a blank appliance, *not* configuring ShareFile and then applying the 10.4 patch (or starting with a blank 10.4 appliance).

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Refer to the following article to workaround this issue: https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX218470.


There should be a disclaimer in that KB stating that sharefile single sign on will break if those steps are followed.  I fixed it by re-reading the docs (http://docs.citrix.com/en-us/xenmobile/10-4/authentication/saml-sso-sharefile.html) and learning that the internal app name changed to ShareFile_SAML2.  There's a warning at the bottom of that page stating "Important: Each time you edit or recreate the ShareFile app or change the ShareFile settings in the XenMobile console, a new number is appended the internal application name, which means you must also update the Login URL in the ShareFile web site to reflect the updated app name".  That warning should be copied verbatim into the KB.

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