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Citrix Studio slow with XenDesktop 7.8

Sandro Haidenschuster


Hi guys,


we have the problem that our citrix studio is very slow when starting. It often takes about 5 minutes to open and I always get the "This snap-in is not responding". If I click cancel I can use the console.


I've tried to disable "Check for publisher's certificate revocation" and "Check for server certificate revocation*" but nothing changed. I use Studio on my Admin PC aswell as on DDC and I can see the issue on both devices.


One thing what I feel is that since we created a new zone the studio started to be again slower than usual. Is it possible that this is the reason for slow Studio?


In general the use of studio is very "laggy" and everything which needs to load (MC, DG, Apps, ...) takes in my opinion long. We have about 80 Delivery Groups, 4 DDC's (two DDC's in primary zone, 1 DDC in each other zone (2 additional zones)).


Are there any tweaks to do to get studio work faster? It's really a pain starting/re-opening studio.



Thanks for every tip!





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"The maximum message size quota for incoming messages (41943040) has been exceeded. To increase the quota, use the MaxReceivedMessageSize property on the appropriate binding element. ---> System.ServiceModel.QuotaExceededException: The maximum message size quota for incoming messages (41943040) has been exceeded. To increase the quota, use the MaxReceivedMessageSize property on the appropriate binding element."



This issue specific to MCS provisioned catalog where you have too many updates to the Machine catalog and too many catalogs provisioned. Its worth givng it a try in this case it matches ...





Check any active / pending tasks by running powershell command "Get-Provtask -Active $True" on DDC server: 
Review the output: 
If there are any pending tasks found, review the tasks and if they are pending for very long time - check and delete the long pending tasks. 
If there are any Active task - let them finish the task. 

If there are no out resulted for the above command - then run the below command to delete the already completed old MCS tasks. 
Get-ProvTask –active $false | Remove-ProvTask 

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the slow start could suggest that one of your DDC's is down. We noticed after release that Studio was attempting to contact a down controller to often. We fixed it for 7.9. Are all of your controller operational?

One other thing to consider is the proximity of your datastore to the controllers. Do any of your controller talk to the DB server over WAN?

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Hi Terry,


all our DDC's are operational and showing up fine in citrix director. The thing with DDC's over WAN is true, our DB is located in Europe with 2 DDC's, one DDC in the USA (WAN) and the last DDC in China (WAN). So is this the reason for the long start of citrix studio? Is it contacting each DDC before opening studio (even when I address one specific ddc in studio?)?

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I made a change after the 7.8 release (it's in 7.9) to make Studio only use DDC's in the primary domain once started. The Studio HighLevel calls are much smaller as a whole than the DDC to DB comms ( lots of small operations over high latency). One thing that you could do is block the Network Comms from the machine running Studio to the DDCs in the Secondary zone (not ideal). Alternatively you could try using the 7.9 Studio to manage your site for the day to day operations.


Having said all this, Studio would still need to use the DDCs in the secondary zone on Startup. This is so that it can check their status' (do they require an upgrade etc). This is only on Startup though.


Another question for you: Are you using AppV at all?

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I'll try to use 7.9 Studio in the meanwhile and maybe consider to upgrade from 7.8 to 7.9. Is there in the near future a new release? So I could wait for the new release and then upgrade.


Ok that makes sense, so if the latency to one of the secondary ddc's is high studio takes longer to start, right?


Yes we are using AppV but not through citrix studio - we have AppV client installed locally on the VDA's and publish packages through AppV Publishing Server. We tried times ago to use citrix to publish AppV apps but we had not a good experience so we managed to get a other solution for us.

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It will be noticibly faster with 7.9 but there will be some delay compared to sites where there is no remote DB to the DDCs but from my testing this is negigible. I think you'll be much happier with the experience using the 7.9 Studio. Please do let me know how it improves things for you (or if it doesn't).


We are planning another release but I can't give you the dates (I don't know them myself). We are trying to do much more regular releases now.

Go to know about AppV. We have improved the AppV experience but there was a bug in 7.9 which we are releasing a hotfix for (solely to do with AppV, slow Studio startup time when assessing AppV apps on Studio Startup). It might be worth looking into again in the future, especially AppV single Admin.

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Hi Terry,


I've tested yesterday and today and when I open Citrix Studio I don't see that much performance increase (Studio 7.9 takes 2 minutes to open) and then the same message with "snap-in not responding" appears but if I click cancel I can use the studio.

What I feel is that loading MC, DG and Apps is a little bit faster then before, but that could be subjective - have not compared it with a stopwatch.


Maybe there are some more tweaks? Or do you think when we upgrade DDC's to 7.9 it performs better? So that Studio 7.9 alone is not that better?


Okay, yeah I think you will be releasing a new version with server 2016. So maybe waiting for the next release is better then now upgrading to 7.9 and then upgrade in two months or so again.


Yeah I think we will give AppV with Studio a try in the next release because in 7.8 it was not working that good like we have it now with AppV Publishing Server. But will definitely give it a try with upcoming release.

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I am having the problem on my 7.9 Citrix Studio. It takes 15 minutes to launch and I see that same error about MMC. I cancel then it launches. But, this is not -acceptable. The DDCs are on XenServer. Please, I would like a solution for this from Citrix as it looks like it is an issue from one version to the other. I have used 7.6 LTSR and 7.15 LTSR and I have not seen any issues with it. I am currently working with another company where they use 7.9 version and it is taking 15 minutes. I want to fix this asap. Please, any solution or resolution would be greatly appreciated.

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On ‎9‎/‎11‎/‎2017 at 5:02 PM, AA 2913 said:

Can I install Citrix Studio 7.15 LTSR version on 7.9 Delivery controller? Will that cause any issues? 

Can I install Citrix Studio 7.15 LTSR version on 7.12 Delivery controller? Will that cause any issues?


(Because in our 7.12, a slow startup of Studio (in primary zone) is still present. We have DDC's that have to be contacted over WAN. Over 10 minutes needed at least.)

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