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Imaging Wizard Error ” An active server needs to be used”

Abdul Labeeb



I have installed PVS 7.8 server  and connected to farm successfully.

When I install target client and start imaging wizard on 2012R2 and connecting to PVS server I am getting Error ” An active server needs to be used”.  I have done below so for

   Firewall is off on server and client
• Telnet to PVS server with that port 54321 is working
• Re ran PVS config wizard and reconfigured services. Restarted PVS server

• Vdisk status on the the target device stays red.
• Tried restarting few times and tried adding the target device manually in PVS


The error keeps coming and Virtual disk status stays red on Target device.  Looks something similar to the error mentioned below in the forum


Any assistance would be appreciated.




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look into PVS console and check the Servers part. in my case i got this message because server was marked as DOWN. I needed to rebuild whole PVS and database (uninstall PVS, clean registry, delete DB, install PVS and create new DB).


server began to be DOWN after I reused a DB where a server with same name has been already registered. 

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In my case. the IP of my PVS server changed (I finally set it static) and i had to run the configuration wizard again to update the IP. You can also update one of the IP configurations in the servers node right click on the server and go to properties. Here you can change the streaming IP. but you need to run configuration wizard to change the mgmt IP.

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